Vol.58 2019/09/18 U. A. E. Blessieさん、Richelさん、Cherieさん
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番外編! ISUZU MOTORS INTERNATIONAL FZE (IIF)で働く女性①はご覧いただけましたでしょうか引き続き番外編として、いすゞ自動車の関連会社であるISUZU MOTORS INTERNATIONALで働く女性をご紹介します!


- Please introduce yourself. 自己紹介をお願いします。

I’m Blessie from the Philippines, and I’ve been with the company for two years handling warranties and administrative work. I wanted to build a career in the automotive industry, and thus joined IIF. As one of my responsibilities is to manage warranty affairs, I thoroughly enforce privacy management. Also, I balance both child rearing and work, as the mother of two children.

- You have two children at home! Wow! お子さんが2人もいらっしゃるのですね!

Yes, I have two daughters, ages 2 and 6. I live together with my family in Abu Dhabi. I enjoy throwing parties with my kids and making food that the children enjoy. They are particularly fond of a Filipino dish called “adobo.” I also often travel with my kids. We plan to go to Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand in December. It would be nice to visit Japan and take them to Tokyo Disneyland someday.


- Are there any restaurants near the office that you’d recommend? 会社の周辺でおすすめのお店はありますか?

Yes, I highly recommend the Japanese restaurant called Bentoya! It’s about 20 minutes away from the office by car.

Some people from the HaKoBu secretariat actually visited the Bentoya place recommended by Ms. Blessie.
Their menu has all sorts of things like set meals, ramen, udon, sashimi, and tempura! And the taste is really similar to how it is in Japan! Although, because the UAE is primarily Islamic, they don’t eat pork. Even the meat used in cutlet-topped curry is chicken!

Thank you very much, Blessie.

- For our next interview, would you please introduce yourself? 続いて…自己紹介をお願いします。

I’m Richel from the Philippines, and this is my third year with the company. I’m in charge of warranty management.
Before joining IIF, I was involved in manufacturing technology at the Philippines branch of a Japanese company for a year and a half, and then worked two and a half years as an engineer for a Japanese auto manufacturer.

- So you worked as an engineer! エンジニアをやられていたのですね!

Yes, I was an engineer of motorbikes. Because bikes and trucks are completely different, working with warranties comes with a lot of hardships, but learning something new every day feels really worthwhile.

With such a broad spectrum of work experience, Richel is active in multiple fields, also taking charge in hosting a sales company conference for the Middle East region.

- What are your goals for the future? 今後の目標はありますか?

For the past six years, I’ve dreamed of opening a small café in the Philippines. Cooking and baking cakes are my hobbies, and every weekend, when time allows, I’ll make them. Earlier, I would often share with my peers at IIF.

Richel was kind enough to show those working in the HaKoBu secretariat pictures of the food she made!

Thank you very much, Richel.

- For our next interview, would you please introduce yourself? 続いて…自己紹介をお願いします。

I’m Cherie from the Philippines, and this is my eighth year with the company. I work in the General Affairs & HR Group.As part of general affairs and HR, it’s satisfying for me to see all of the employees enjoying the work that they do.It takes me an hour and a half to commute to IIF each day.

Because IIF location is far from residential areas and doesn't have much public transportation, most IIF employees commute by car or rented bus.Even commuting is a struggle.

- Of the six people, you’re the one who has worked here the longest. 6名の中で一番勤続年数が長いですね。

That’s right. When I joined the company it was still small, and seeing it grow so large is deeply emotional.As a leader, I try to be a person that pulls others forward. To that end, I get actively involved in areas outside of my responsibilities, and I’m always aiming to improve!

Accordingly, the HaKoBu secretariat recognizes Cherie as someone who has a strong sense of responsibility and shows great kindness.

- What do you do on your days off? お休みの日は何をされてますか?

I have a four-year-old daughter. Drawing used to be a hobby of mine, so now I draw pictures with my daughter.She adds color to the pictures that I draw in watercolors, and together we complete a painting.

Here is one of the pictures they made together! The colors certainly are lovely!

Thank you very much, Cherie.


Q:前回の質問 《↓前回のCristyさん、Sabrinaさん、清水さんからの質問です↓》
Because this is a special edition, there is no information for this category.
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Thanks to the six wonderful women who took time out of their busy schedules to grant us an interview.They live and work in a foreign country. Yet, it’s inspiring to see them working so hard while supporting colleagues of the same nationality and the IIF staff. You may come across certain problems moving forward, but the HaKoBu secretariat will continue to support everyone! We look forward to meeting you all again.