Vol.57 2019/09/17 U. A. E. Cristyさん、Sabrinaさん、清水さん
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番外編! 今回はなでしこドライバーの番外編として、いすゞ自動車の関連会社であるISUZU MOTORS INTERNATIONAL FZE (以後、ISUZU MOTORS INTERNATIONAL FZE =IIFと表記)で働く女性にインタビューをしましたまずは3人の方をご紹介します


- Please introduce yourself. 自己紹介をお願いします。

My name is Cristy, from the Philippines.This is my seventh year with the company, going eight this coming April 2020.I belong to finance group and six of the seven people in the finance group are Filipino women. Even outside of the financial group, there are many Filipino women working at IIF.

- It must be encouraging to have friends from your own country when working abroad. 海外で働いている中で、同郷の仲間がいるのは心強いですね。

Yes. More than just colleagues, we are more like family.The value-added tax (consumption tax) was first implemented in UAE last 2018, bringing with it some obstacles to the way we process things at work.But we all worked together to overcome that.Every Filipino will go eat lunch together. And when we gather, everyone shares their food.We are grateful with IIF, that it allows us to spend lunchtime together.

- What are your hobbies? Cristyさんの趣味は何ですか?

My hobby is traveling. I like discovering new places. I’ve taken many trips within the Philippines, but in addition to that, I’ve been to countries like Georgia, Austria, Prague, Japan, Singapore and others. If I had to recommend just one of the places I’ve been, it would be Camiguin! It’s a small island in the Philippines but it has hot springs, water sports and lots of other activities. I highly recommend visiting.

This is a photo from Cristy san and her family visited Camiguin.

Thank you very much, Cristy

- For our next interview, would you please introduce yourself? 続いて…自己紹介をお願いします。

I’m Sabrina from the Philippines, and this is my fourth year with the company. I work for the Parts Department as an Operation Coordinator. I'm handling dealers from Middle East and African countries for their orders, request and querries. IIF is the first place I’ve worked.

- What with this being your first job, was there anything that you struggled with?初めての就職先で大変なこともありましたよね?

There was. I studied Business Administration Major in Marketing Management at a university,so when I was assigned to the parts department there were so many things that were new to me . I am thankful since my Managers and Parts Team taught me everything that I needed to learn not just for our operation but also for my personal growth from the day I started working with them.

Now Sabrina, you’re not only working in the parts department, you were also the host/MC(Parts Competition and Awarding Ceremony) for I-1 GP* Middle East/Africa Regional Qualifier(IIF-1). You look absolutely stunning in that dress!
*I-1GP:The technical competition many mechanics around the world compete their techinical skill is run by ISUZU MOTORS LIMITED. Mechanics who participate I-1GP is winner of regional or domestic qualifying rounds.

そんなSabrinaさんは、部品部の仕事だけでなく、I-1 Grand Prix(アイ-ワン グランプリ)(*)の中東・アフリカ地域の予選会(IIF-1)の表彰式や大会の部品カテゴリで司会を担当されていました。Sabrinaさんのドレス姿とっても素敵ですね
(*)「I-1 Grand Prix(アイ-ワン グランプリ)」とは、世界中のメカニックが技術力を競い合う、いすゞ自動車主催の大会。I-1GPに出場する選手は、各国の予選大会で優勝したトップメカニック。

- What do you do after work? お仕事終わりは何をしていますか?

Until last year, I lived pretty far away, so I would always go straight home after work. But I recently moved, and since my commute has become much shorter, I’ve been thinking about how I can use my time wisely. And with that, I started swimming and exercising. I’d like to branch out into even more hobbies.

Thank you very much, Sabrina.

- Up next from IIF, please introduce yourself. 続いて…自己紹介をお願いします。

I’m Shimizu, and I’ve been with the company for five years. I moved to Dubai after several years in Singapore and Abu Dhabi. I joined IIF. I work in the General Affairs & HR Group, where my main duties are receiving Japanese expatriates and managing drivers. I’m also in charge of in-house translation.

- What are the challenges of working in a global environment?グローバルな環境の中で働いていて大変なことはありますか?

I would have to say, dealing with differences in things like sense of time can be hard. Culture and priorities also differ by country, so when problems arise, I have to think about how to approach the person responsible. I try to frame my advice in a way that the person can comprehend. Also, to establish good communication, I must be proactive and actively engage in conversation. Not many people are native English speakers, so simple English communication is also something I keep in mind.

Ms. Shimizu knows the faces and names of all employees and supports them as a member of general affairs. It is no wonder, then, that she can provide accurate advice to all of them individually.

- In Japan, things like maternity and childcare leave are considered important, but what about in Dubai?日本では産休・育休など重要視されていますが、ドバイではどうですか?

In Dubai, most people are migrant workers, so Dubai’s laws concerning maternity and childcare leave are not as robust as Japan’s. Maternity and childcare leave together is only 45 days.I am a mother of one. The people in Dubai have great understanding of the families with children. Because there are so children live here. Also we could raise our children with the people from different countries and cultures. It could provide more global circumstance than living in Japan.


This is a photo from her daughter and her friends who are from Sri Lanka.

Thank you very much, Shimizu.


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Because this is a special edition, there is no information for this category.
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We still have many more female workers to introduce from IIF, so look forward to the next issue!



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