My goal is to become a female truck driver that works around the world! 目指すは世界で働く女性ドライバー!

Vol.64 2020/05/25 THAILAND Banchuenさん
ドライバー歴 Driver history: 3 years(3年)
車種 Vehicle model: GIGA TRACTOR(ギガトラクタ)
運転時間 Driving time per day: Approx. 8 hours(約8時間)
積んでいる荷物 Freight: All goods carried to port (rice, etc.)(港に運ぶもの全般(お米など))
勤務先 Employer: Banchuen works for Bangpleeyai Transport(Banchuen さんは、Bangpleeyai Transport Co.,Ltd.様にお勤めです)


- Please tell us about your work. お仕事について教えてください。

I arrive at work around five every morning, prepare for departure, and leave the company around six. It takes me around two hours to travel the nearly 150 km to the customer, where I load the freight. It then takes me another three hours to carry the freight over the 180 km to the port, after which I return to the company. So I drive about eight hours on average every day. I start work early in the morning, so I go to bed every day at nine in the evening and wake up at three in the morning. I can take Sundays off, although that depends on the customer.

- Why did you become a truck driver? トラックドライバーになられた理由はなんですか?

Before this job, I worked as a van (pickup truck) driver for 10 years at another company. I always liked driving, and I thought female drivers were cool! My husband is also a truck driver, and I often used to ride with him on the trucks he drove before I started working. Another one of the reasons I became a truck driver was that I wanted to help my husband with his work. Actually, my son is also studying to become a truck driver.

We have heard that in Thailand it is common for significant others to ride in the passenger seat and accompany their partners during work. Sasina, who we introduced earlier, was one of these women.

- Do you often see female truck drivers in Thailand? タイで女性のトラックドライバーはよくみかけますか?

I sometimes pass other female drivers on the road, but most of them are short-distance drivers. I have rarely seen long-distance female truck drivers. There are 400 drivers at my company, but only 2 are women.

- Is there anything hard or inconvenient about driving? 運転する中で大変なこと、不便なことはありますか?

Isuzu trucks are very comfortable to drive. If I were to say something was a problem...I would say that in Thailand the power lines are very low, so sometimes they get caught on the truck. In order to avoid this problem, I search for safe roads and make sure to travel these.

- Banchuen, please tell us about your hobbies. Banchuenさんの趣味を教えてください。

I like to make bags, which I often make when I have time.

Banchuen made the leather bag she showed to the HaKoBu Office staff in just 20 minutes!

- What are your goals for the future? 今後の目標を教えてください。

I have a Thai friend who works as a truck driver in Japan. This friend also drives a snowplow. Like my friend, I want to study hard and get an international driver's license. If I get the chance, though, I would like to work in America.

- Message to female truck drivers 女性ドライバーへのメッセージ

Banchuen wrote us a message for other female truck drivers in the local language!

"Work hard, drive safe, and enjoy!"


Q:前回の質問 《↓前回のSasinaさんからの質問です↓》
A: 回答 今回は対象外
次のなでしこへの質問 今回は対象外


The HaKoBu Office staff were nervous about who would attend the interview, but our uncertainty flew away the moment Banchuen entered the room! She always spoke about herself and listened to the HaKoBu Office staff with a smile. HaKoBu Office staff stands behind the dreams of Banchuen and her desire to work in America in the future! She also told us that she would like to visit Japan on vacation someday, and we look forward to seeing her when she does.