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  • Introducing Isuzu Group Companies in Thailand part2 / タイの いすゞグループ会社のご紹介②

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Introducing Isuzu Group Companies in Thailand part2 / タイの いすゞグループ会社のご紹介②

Isuzu Motors Co., (Thailand) Ltd.

About Isuzu Motors Co., (Thailand) Ltd. (IMCT) / Isuzu Motors Co., (Thailand) Ltd.とは(以後、IMCT)

IMCT was established in 1966, it produces 240,000 pick-up trucks and 15,000 trucks annually. IMCT has two plants,The Samrong plant manufactures pick-up trucks, while the Gateway plant manufactures trucks and pick-up trucks. IMCT is Isuzu's *mother factory for pick-up trucks. IMCT is working to manufacture trucks that everyone in the world can be pleased with. The company has 5783 employees - of these, 88% are men, while 12% are women.
* mother factory:This is a factory that serves as a model for the production system and technical aspects when building a new factory.
IMCTは1966年に設立され、年間ピックアップトラック24万台、トラック1.5万台を製造している会社です。工場は2箇所あり、サムロン工場ではピックアップトラック、ゲートウェイ工場ではトラックとピックアップトラックを製造しています。いすゞピックアップトラックの*マザー工場です。工場として、世界中の人々に満足いただけるようなトラック作りを目指して日々取り組んでいます。従業員数は、5783名。男女比率は、男性 88% 女性 12%となっています。

A System for Training in Japan / 日本への研修制度

IMCT has a training system for the employees who wish to receive training at Isuzu’s headquarters in Japan. They study Japanese at IMCT for one year. After that, only those who have passed the in-company rigorous exam will receive one year of training in Japan. For this instalment, we spoke to two staff members who have trained in Japan under this system.
IMCTでは、希望者を対象に日本のいすゞ本社で研修を受けられる制度があります。社内で1年間 「日本語」の勉強をし、その後厳しいテストに合格した人のみ、更に日本で1年間 研修を受けられます。今回は、この制度を利用し日本での研修経験がある2名のスタッフにお話を伺いました。

Improving for Both Colleagues and Customers / 仲間のためにも、お客様のためにも改善

Charuwan joined the company in 2011, and this year will be her ninth. She has been working in the Parts Department since the start of her employment. It seems she was attracted to the company because of its international recognition and the rewarding salary, company benefits, and so on.

IMCT working hours take place between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Charuwan’s work involves management of the service parts inventory and placing orders for service parts in accordance with customer needs. Currently, she is responsible for a new project as well, and is making improvements to the part order system and logistics.
IMCTの就業時間は、7:30~16:30です。Charuwanさんの業務内容は、 補給部品の在庫管理・お客様のニーズに合わせた補給部品の発注です。現在、新プロジェクトにも携わっており、部品オーダーシステムや物流について改善を行っています。

“This will be my ninth year, making me senior to an increasing number of employees, so I want to be careful to act in a way that sets a positive example for them and to improve our systems and reduce the burden on staff, as well as to support customers by improving the quality of calculations of customer demand using the systems” she said, speaking about her goals.
”My hobby is watching television dramas and anime on video distribution services. I sometimes watch Japanese television dramas and anime! and I’m a big fan of jogging!”

To improve customer satisfaction / お客様の満足度向上のために

Like Charuwan, Nattakan joined the company in 2011 and was posted to the Parts Department. She had worked for an automobile parts company before joining IMCT, but it seems she decided to work at IMCT because she wanted to work at a company that manufactured automobiles.

Nattakan's working for IMCT Service Parts Procurement team which cooperates with both Local and Oversea suppliers and also our factory to supply service parts to customers. "I'm happy with my works and my team, I never bore to go working in IMCT, in order to lead IMCT Service Parts Department to growth up more and more I will support team and improve operation as much as I can do" she said.

IMCT Service Parts Procurement has the goal of "Responding to customer satisfaction who purchased Isuzu pick-up trucks and also service parts" Nattakan would like to lead the team for that goal. She studies old vehicle parts because it is important to success in that goal. In order to building team, she will do work and support by talking with them not only about task but also every things what they want to make their feeling like workplace not difference from their home because we are Service Parts Family.
"My hobby is traveling. When I was in Japan for training, I traveled around Japan. I went to various places such as Kyoto, Osaka, Miyagi, Nagano and Ibaraki. I love Japan because there are many travel destinations in Japan and the food is delicious." One year as a trainee in Japan is a special time for her and an important memory.

Both Nattakan and Charuwan worked at other companies before joining IMCT, but they both agreed that “IMCT is a really great company.” There were 11 members in the parts department when it was established in 2011, including Nattakan and Charuwan. Eight years on, that group has hardly changed, with 10 of those people still working at the department today. “It’s an environment where we can freely give our opinion, and it’s satisfying to make things from the first step together,” we were told. Currently, there are 36 staff members working in the Parts Department.

<Extra> Tour of the Facilities / <番外編>施設内紹介

There is a spectacular shrine on the IMCT premises. While Thailand is famous for having many Buddhists, there are also practitioners of an animist religious belief called Satsana Phi. One can see many Phi shrines in towns, but the shrine at IMCT really does stand out in particular!

<Extra> Isuzu Eco-bags?! / <番外編>いすゞのエコバッグ?!

There are large department stores in the city of Bangkok. These stores have a lot of tasty, fresh fruits and confectionary that are unique to Thailand, making it a great spot to buy souvenirs to take home! At one department store, if you spend 300 baht and show the cashier staff an Isuzu car key...you’ll get a special Isuzu eco-bag!

<Extra> Restaurant Recommendation from IMCT Staff / <番外編>IMCTスタッフお勧めレストラン

We visited a restaurant recommended by IMCT staff. The menu was filled with a dizzying array of delicious food. There was Thai food that even Japanese people could enjoy without breaking a sweat, and everything on the menu was a sure-fire hit! We were close to overeating! (The photo shows Thai green curry.)

<Extra> Thailand’s Subway / <番外編>タイの地下鉄

The subway in Thailand uses small black plastic chips for ticketing. Just like in Japan, you enter your destination at the ticket machines, but instead of a ticket, you get one of these plastic chips with data about your destination stored on it. There are no train timetables like in Japan, but the trains arrive once every ten minutes or so. In Thailand, it’s prohibited to bring durian fruit onto the train, and outside the subway, there’s a big warning sign about this!

Isuzu Motors Co., (Thailand) Ltd.
住所: THAILAND38 Kor. Moo9 Poochaosamingprai Road, Samrong-Tai, Phrapradaeng, Samutprakan 10130, Thailand
TEL:+66-2-394-2541 >FAX:+66-2-394-2552