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  • Introducing Isuzu Group Companies in Thailand part3 / タイの いすゞグループ会社のご紹介③

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Introducing Isuzu Group Companies in Thailand part3 / タイの いすゞグループ会社のご紹介③

Isuzu Motors International Operations (Thailand) Co., Ltd.(IMIT)

About Isuzu Motors International Operations (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (IMIT) / Isuzu Motors International Operations (Thailand) Co., Ltd.のご紹介(以後、IMIT)

IMIT is an Isuzu Group company in Thailand which is primarily involved in exporting pick-up trucks and after-sales services. The company’s offices are located on the 24th and 25th floors of the building adjacent to Tri Petch Isuzu Sales Co., Ltd., which we recently introduced. We dropped by to chat with two Thai members of staff working in the Service Department!
タイにあるいすゞのグループ会社の一つであるIMITは、主にピックアップトラックの輸出、アフターサービス活動を行っている会社です。オフィスは、以前ご紹介したTri Petch Isuzu Sales Co., Ltd.の隣のビル!24階、25階にあります。

A Perfect Time Attendance Award!? / パーフェクトタイムアテンダンス賞!?

Natthida is the only female employee in the Service Department, and she has been with the company for three years. She is responsible for work related to managing vehicle warranties, assessments, and managing the Service Department budget. Her older brother also works for a Japanese automobile company. She says she joined IMIT because her brother told her that Japanese companies have been stable for a long time, and she has also interested in Japanese culture for some time as well.

“I think that Japanese companies are strict about time, and that the Japanese are often positive people who always have a smile on their face. I’m very happy to be able to work here in a place that has such a good environment,” she said with a grin.

Natthida takes bus connections to get to work every day - a roughly one-to-two hour commute. As the work hours at IMIT are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and her home is a long way from the office, she leaves for work before 6:00 a.m. every day.

“My daily commute is tough, but I have also received the Perfect Time Attendance Award twice, which is given for never being late or absent for an entire year. People who win this award receive 500 baht from the company. If I receive the award a third time, I’ll get a day of paid holiday too, so I’ll be doing my best!” We were moved by the company’s efforts to motivate its employees, and we could also tell that true to her record, Natthida is an earnest and hardworking employee.
「毎日の通勤は大変ですが、1年で無遅刻・無欠席の人に与えられる”パーフェクトタイムアテンダンス賞”を今まで2回もらったことがあります。この賞を受賞した人は、会社から500バーツほどもらえるんですよ。3回表彰されると有給休暇が1日分、追加で付与されるので今後も頑張っていきます!」 と、社員のモチベーション向上のための会社の工夫に感動するとともに、Natthidaさんは評判通りとてもまじめな方だと感じました

On her days off, Natthida loves to watch videos and TV dramas at home or go on holiday. Recently, she traveled to Laos and Japan by herself! She is also studying translation (from Thai to English), and aims to complete a master’s course. We look forward to meeting the charming and active Natthida once again.

IMIT’s Entertainer / IMITのエンターテイナー

Next, introducing the “entertainer” of IMIT’s Service Department, Danupol! He’s been with the company for seven years. Originally, he had worked at another Isuzu Group company for nearly 5 years as a service engineer, but decided to move to IMIT in order to broaden the range of his experience. Currently, he’s involved in a wide range of activities, such as after-sales service training for distributors, managing the I-1 Grand Prix* pick-up truck division, planning warranty analysis, and supporting Natthida and other members in service department as their superior.
続いては、サービス部のエンターテイナーと評判のDanupolさんDanupolさんはIMITに入社して7年目です。元々、別のいすゞのグループ会社で5年近く、サービスエンジニアとして働いていましたが、自分の経験を広げていきたいと感じ、IMITへの転職を決めました。現在は販売会社へのアフターサービスの教育、I-1 Grand Prix(*) ピックアップトラック部門の運営、車の保証業務、Natthidaさん他部員のサポート業務まで、幅広く活躍されています。

“There are 21 people in IMIT’s Service Department. I want to keep doing my best so that I can lead everyone to success and be relied upon by our distributors,” he said, speaking about his goals.
「IMITのサービス部は21名います。みんなを引っ張っていける存在になれるように、また販売会社から頼られる存在になれるよう今後も頑張っていきたいと思います」 と今後の目標を語ってくれました。

* I-1 Grand Prix: The technical competition held by Isuzu Motors in which Isuzu's mechanics from around the world compete against each other to demonstrate their technological prowess. Only the top mechanics who win the preliminaries in each country can compete in the I-1 GP. The truck division is organized by Isuzu Motors, while the pick-up truck division is organized by Thailand-based Group companies and Isuzu Motors.
(*)「I-1 Grand Prix(アイ-ワン グランプリ)」とは、世界中のいすゞメカニックが技術力を競い合ういすゞ自動車主催の大会。I-1GPに出場する選手は、各国の予選大会で優勝したトップメカニック。トラック部門は、いすゞ自動車、ピックアップトラック部門は、タイのグループ会社といすゞ自動車で主催している。

“The Japanese are very motivated and aggressive about work! It’s because of this and other reasons that IMIT can blend Japanese and Thai culture, like Japanese strictness about time and the Thai style of working while chatting in a friendly atmosphere, making this a pleasant company to work at,” said Danupol, speaking about the quality of the Service Department’s teamwork.
「日本人は、とてもやる気に満ちていて、アグレッジブで影響されますね。時間に厳格である日本らしさと和気あいあいとコミュニケーションをとりながら仕事を行うタイらしさなど、IMITは日本の文化とタイの文化をうまく混ぜ合わせた、とても働きやすい会社です」 とサービス部みんなとのチームワークの良さを語ってくれました

There are three Japanese employees posted to IMIT’s Service Department. In fact, recently the Service Department has formed a band, with the Japanese employees included! They’re called "LIMITED BAND", and Danupol is the vocalist! We’ve got a video, so check it out!
IMITのサービス部には、3人の日本人駐在員がいます。最近、日本人駐在員を含めサービス部でバンドを結成したのこと!その名は、"LIMITED BAND"!Danupolさんはその"LIMITED BAND"のボーカリストです動画があるのでぜひチェックしてみてください!

Danupol is a father, with a two-year-old son at home. His daily work is motivated by his desire to provide stable support for his family. He also treasures his time with his family, and every two years, they go on long-awaited vacations in Japan. Last year, they went to Nagoya. Among the locations he visited were tourist sites that not even many Japanese people know about, and we at the HaKoBu office found ourselves smiling at Danupol’s love for Japan. Danupol’s desk has many photos of his family.

We had Natthida and Danupol show us around IMIT’s facilities! / NatthidaさんとDanupolさんにIMITの施設を紹介してもらいました!

In addition to the Service Department, the 25th floor also accommodates the Parts Department, Accounting Department, and the HR Department. The corridor features a stylish and attractive waiting area for clients! It’s a very spacious and beautiful office.

A Beautiful Break Room! / 絶景!休憩スペース

We entered a room marked “Dining Room”...and were greeted by quite a sight! We’d heard much about the 25th floor.
The people here are eating packed lunches and other meals. We were envious of the beautiful surroundings that they could enjoy their lunch break in!
”Dining Room"と書かれた部屋に入ってみると…さすが25階!絶景です

To round things off.. / 最後に…

Here is the IMIT Service Department staff, including the Japanese employees!
Thank you for having us!

<Extra> Delicious Bu Pad Pong Kari / <番外編>絶品プーパッポンカリー

Bu Pad Pong Kari is a type of crab curry. (In Thai, “bu” means crab, “pad” means stir-fry, “pong” means powder, and “kari” means “curry.”)

One evening, we visited a seafood restaurant famous for its bu pad pong kari.The restaurant is so well known that even members of the Japanese imperial family and former prime ministers have visited.

One of their featured dishes is a luxurious crab curry that uses an entire crab! It looks spicy at first, but it contains a lot of egg, and the seasoning is also on the sweet side! It’s mild enough for children to wolf down, packed with volume, and the flavor is fantastic too!

<Extra> The Night Market / <番外編>ナイトマーケット

In Thailand, there are many night markets with rows of shops and food vendors. During our trip, we visited the popular Talad Rot Fai market, which is a favorite of Japanese tourists! At the market, there are approximately 1,000 stalls selling small items, clothing, food, and more! We also went on a day off, so the night market was absolutely packed with people.

Talad Rot Fai market can be seen from the parking lot of the adjacent Esplanade shopping mall, and the view of the night market is often spoken about as being a spectacular sight! The colorful roofs of the stalls are lit up by lights, making them sparkle like treasure chests. We at the HaKoBu Office were moved beyond words.

It seems the Talad Rot Fai market is open every day, so if you have the chance to visit, don’t miss it!

Isuzu Motors International Operations (Thailand) Co., Ltd.(IMIT)
住所: THAILANDBangkok1010 Shinawatra Tower III, 24th-25th Floor, Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Chatuchak Sub-district, Chatuchak District
TEL:+66-2-966-2626 >FAX:+66-2-966-2181